Copyright © 2023 IAA. All rights reserved.

'Flowork' is a registered trademark of Ignacio Amadeo Álvarez (IAA) 20-34506932-2 in the National Institute of Industrial Property Argentina under record 4194179. All intellectual property rights on the trademark and its logo are the exclusive property of IAA. Unauthorized use of the trademark or logo is expressly prohibited in any form or medium.

'Flowork' is also an unpublished software work registered in the National Institute of Copyright (Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of Argentina) under file number RE-2022-124804828-APN-DNDA#MJ. Total or partial reproduction, distribution, commercialization, disclosure, or modification is prohibited without prior authorization from the copyright owner (IAA). When using 'Flowork' software, its authorship must be mentioned and its intellectual property rights recognized.

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Part of the code behavior used in 'Flowork' software was developed based on the 'Drawflow: Simple flow library' by Jero Soler, which is available under the MIT license. We acknowledge and thank the work and contribution of Jero Soler and the community of developers who made this open-source library development possible.

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